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Siberia railway journey "Taiga Trans-Siberian" - Ural - Yenisei – Lake Baikal
Ural - Yenisei trip on the mail boat - Lake Baikal - Buryatia

14 days from € 2.690.-                                                                                                Tour NR-48
A trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway belongs without doubt to the extraordinary experiences. During the railway journey “Taiga-Trans-Siberian” you experience typical Siberian cities and settlements, a Yenisei trip on the post boat, you travel by the “Circum Baikal Railway” along the Lake Baikal and more exclusive experience programs provide you with unforgettable impressions.

During the Trans Siberian trip the meeting point is in the dining car, where Russian cuisine is served. At each station, there are people and offer their goods for sale, so you need to pack for the journey except a few rubles nothing. This trip can be booked in the or 2nd class, and we offer a cheap variant: you can travel in the 2.nd class compartment with 2 persons only.

Travel highlights
Welcome in Russia: caviar, borsh & bread
Yekaterinburg - border Europe - Asia and Tsar Romanov
Trans Siberian: young painters from Ekaterinburg show their art on the train
Omsk - in the footsteps of Dostoewski
Blumenfeld - settlement near the Kazakh border
Novosibirsk & heroes of the revolution
Taiga - Trans Siberian town
Tomsk - Russian wood art & heritage architecture
Krasnoyarsk & father Yenisei
Adventure Cruise on the river Yenisey Krasnoyarsk - Eniseisk 1 day by post boat
Kazatschinski rapids
Eniseisk - oldest Siberian city on Yenisei
Irkutsk - old architecture & Decembrists
Lake Baikal - Pearl of Siberia and National Park
Lake Baikal travel by boat to the Shaman Rock
Talzy open-air museum - discover the old Siberia
Listvyanka at Lake Baikal - Nikolai Church, market & omul
Train travel along the Baikal coast
Polovinnaja km 110 - discover the authentic Siberian life
Visit a small shop - Olgas kiosk
Crossing Polovinits tunnel 780 meters
Fireplace at the Baikal beach
Slyudyanka - unique railway station of white marble
Buryatia, Ulan-Ude & monastery Iwolginsk

In tour price is also included an exclusive "Baikal beach package" for each person, which you get in Yekaterinburg: Among other things there is an actual English-language newspaper, Russia map-Trans-Siberian, MP3 player with Russian music and information about the Trans-Siberian Railway

Moscow - Yekaterinburg - Omsk - Blumenfeld - Novosibirsk - Taiga - Tomsk - Krasnoyarsk - Yenisey Cruise - Eniseisk - Irkutsk - Lake Baikal Listvyanka - Port Baikal - Baikal Railway Polovinnaja km 110 - Slyudyanka - Ulan Ude - Moscow

B = breakfast, L = lunch, D = dinner, AC = accommodation

Day 01 Welcome in The Urals
Flight with Lufthansa, Austrian, Aeroflot or another airline from many European airports to Yekaterinburg via Moscow and meeting by an English-speaking guide at the airport. Transfer to a very good mid-range hotel in the center of the city. AC hotel.

Day 02 Ekaterinburg - town in the Urals & painters on the train (B, L)
Trip to the border between Europe and Asia: you stand with both legs on two continents. After welcome-lunch "Russian style" with bread, caviar & borsh you will take a city tour and visit to the "Church on the blood", which is built where the last tsar's family was murdered.

In the evening train ride starts towards Omsk. Exclusive for you, you travel together with young painters, for whom we also booked a carriage, and they will show their arts and work during the Trans Siberian trip to Omsk. AC train.

Day 03 Omsk - Dostoewski & Blumenfeld (B, L)
Your arrival in Omsk is late morning, at the station we check in the luggage in the luggage room.

Omsk was founded in 1716 as a fortress. A great name for Omsk is Dostoewski who had spent 5 years in exile because of his involvement in a conspiracy against the Tsar. There is a Dostoewski Museum, his life in Omsk in Omsk from 1850 to 1854 is shown there. The museum you visit during the city tour today. In the afternoon excursion to Blumenfeld (Zwetnopolje).

Blumenfeld was founded near the Kazakh border as a German-Estonian settlement over 100 years ago, it is still a well-kept settlement, now inhabited by 25 nations with beautiful wooden houses. In one of these, you will be our guest and the best local natural products will be served. Return to Omsk in the evening and continue on the Trans-Siberian railway to Novosibirsk. AC train.

Day 04 Novosibirsk & Taiga (B, D)
Novosibirsk you have reached the morning. After breakfast in the hotel at the train station in the morning, you take a city tour. You see the State Opera and the Theatre, a symbol of Novosibirsk, in Siberia known as the Bolshoi Theatre. Then stroll over to the Heroes of the Revolution, time for leisurely pursuits.

In the afternoon, 3-hours train ride to the town Taiga, here begins the train line to Tomsk. AC Hotel in Taiga.

Day 05 Taiga & Tomsk (B, L)
Early in the morning almost 2 hours drive by train to Tomsk. The Tomsk wooden architecture is a great wealth of art and belongs to the highlights of the city. In 1920 the "museum of ancient times and the revolution" was opened. Painters and architects of the university kept belongings that had an artistic and historical value. Today you will visit the "Tomsk oblast museum of local history" during your city tour.

In the afternoon you travel back to Taiga and walk through this settlement. In the evening we continue our trip to Kranoyarsk, arriving in the early morning next day. AC train.

Day 06 400 km Yenisei-trip by post boat to the settlement Eniseisk (B, D)
The arrival in Krasnoyarsk is at 05:30 am, short transfer to your ship, you can immediately move to your booked cabin. Participants, booked trip in 2.nd class train travel will get a 2nd class 4-berth cabin, 1st class a 2 bed cabin.
On the post ship there are two restaurants, a cinema, kiosk, medical point and a sun deck at your disposal.

413 km adventure cruise on the Yenisey, past closed towns and villages with two houses only, cruise through rapids and visit the oldest settlement on the river: Eniseisk

At 07:00 am departure and a march shimmers through the loud speakers.
Farewell of Slavianka listen

Immediately after departure, there is plenty to see. Around 08:30 am you pass the settlement Ermolaevo, picturesquely located on the bank of Yenisei. One hour later it is called: Top Secret!
You will travel past the closed city of Zheleznogorsk, which has been kept secret for decades during the time of the Soviet Union.

Your guide will inform you about the "closed" cities on river Yenisei.

In the afternoon you will pass Predivinsk and have reached the 57th northern latitude. Now the captain welcomes you and you have the opportunity to visit the bridge, right before you enjoy a true natural wonder, when your captain maneuvered the ship through the Kazatschinski rapids.
On the length of one kilometer the river falls about one meter, the rapids are 4 Kilometer long, sometimes the flow rate is more than 20 km / h, at the narrowest point, the Yenisei is 350 meters wide.
Your guide then tells about the history of the Yenisei-navigation and the steamer "Moskva", the ship passed the rapids the first time in 1882.

Around 20:30 pm you reach the outlet of the river Angara, shortly before midnight, at 23:30 pm you reach the city Eniseisk. Short walk from the pier to the hotel. AC hotel.

Day 07 Eniseisk - Krasnoyarsk (B, L)
After breakfast at the hotel walk through the city, founded from gold diggers in 1602.

Transfer to the bus station and bus trip to Krasnoyarsk, arriving in the afternoon and time for leisurely pursuits. AC hotel.

Day 08 Krasnoyarsk & Sayan Mountains (B, L)
In the morning sightseeing Krasnoyarsk. During the city tour you will visit a landmark of the city, the small chapel, which is visible from many places in the center. The chapel was built in 1845 and is an excellent viewpoint of the city and the valley of Yenissei. Further you see the opera theatre, museum of cultural and history and Krasnoyarsk Philharmonic. In the afternoon begins the Trans-Siberian travel to Irkutsk, arriving the next morning. AC train.

Day 09 Irkutsk & Lake Baikal (B, D)
After arrival in Irkutsk, separate luggage transport to Listvyanka and sightseeing Irkutsk.
First you visit the Decembrist Museum, then Irkutsk city tour with a walk through the large market halls. Irkutsk is often called the Paris of Siberia, because of its cultural and diverse architecture. Of particular interest are the Gothic cathedral Polish, the Cathedral of the Epiphany and the Redeemer Church, you will visit during the tour.

In the early afternoon you travel by bus to Listvyanka on Lake Baikal with a stop in Talzy Museum, where you can experience the 'old' Siberia. This wooden architecture museum is a place of cultural heritage of the Russian people.

Upon arrival at Lake Baikal in Listvyanka tour, you see the Nikolai Church and market.
Evening campfire and barbecue grill, try the local beer and a Baikal Omul. AC hotel in the center of Listvyanka.

Day 10 Boat tour & Baikal Railway - Circum-Baikal train Matanya (B, D)
After breakfast cruise on Lake Baikal to Port Baikal with a short stop at the shaman stone. In Port Baikal you will get an exclusive tour through the museum about the construction of the Baikal Railway. Late morning departure on the tourist train along Lake Baikal with photo stops.

Directly along the Baikal shore between Port Baikal and Slyudyanka the 84 km long route of the Baikal Railway has been buit. 32 bridges, over forty tunnels, 77 retaining walls and 18 galleries leading along from rock tunnels were built. You can enjoying the view of Lake Baikal, get off at some stations and explore the surroundings.

This tourist train will go all the way until Irkutsk today, we have organized an exclusive stop for you, because you will live in Polovinnaja KM110 in a small Siberian holiday village.
The arrival in Polovinnaja is about 14:00 pm, so we do have a walk up to the settlement Maritui along the Baikal Railway. (Those who do not would like to walk, can stay in the beautiful holiday resort.)

Once in Maritui we take back to Polovinnaya the original Baikal train "Matanya",
exclusively for you on request, we organize the opportunity to ride on the front of the locomotive with the most most beautiful Baikal view you can imagine.

In the evening, traditional Buryat cuisine, AC Holiday Village.

Day 11 The Baikal beach (B, D)
A day of relaxation at Lake Baikal, cross with us the Polovints tunnel, and we reach one of the most beautiful Baikal beaches. Who wants to dare despite the cool water temperatures: here is also a nice place to swim, after you can warm yourself at a campfire. In the afternoon walk through Polovinnaja, visit Olgas kiosk and learn a lot about the Siberian life at Lake Baikal. AC Holiday Village.

Day 12 Slyudyanka by train "Matanya" & Tour Trans-Siberian Ulan Ude (B, D)
Early in the morning you take train "Matanya" to Slyudyanka. In Slyudyanka is still plenty of time to explore the town and to visit the only station in the world, built of pure white marble, the station is a real jewel. The railway station Slyudyanka-1 was built in 1904 as a memorial of the builders of the unique Baikal Railway.

Late this morning we continue our trip by train along Lake Baikal towards Ulan Ude, arriving early evening. AC hotel.

Day 13: Ulan Ude (B,D)
City tour in Ulan Ude, capital of Buryatia and we visit the Ivolginsk monastery, in the afternoon. AC hotel.

Day 14: Ulan Ude (B)
Transfer to the airport and flight back via Moscow.

Minimum group size: no
Guaranteed departures
Maximum group size: 12

travel dates 

04.06.17 – 17.06.17; 09.06.17 – 21.06.17
23.06.17 – 06.07.17; 30.06.17 – 13.07.17
13.07.17 – 26.07.17; 30.07.17 – 12.08.17
04.08.17 – 17.08.17; 17.08.17 – 30.08.17 

29.08.17 – 11.09.17; 10.09.17 – 23.09.17

22.09.17 – 05.10.17; 27.09.17 – 10.10.17

The tour price includes: 

Flights with Lufthansa, Austrian, Aeroflot or another airline from many European airports to Yekaterinburg via Moscow and back from Ulan Ude via Moscow in economy class

All airport taxes

Train travel in 2nd class 4 bed sleeping compartment (1st class 2 bed sleeping compartment or 2nd class compartments for 2 persons are bookable)
Railway routes: Yekaterinburg - Omsk - Novosibirsk - Taiga - Krasnoyarsk - Irkutsk, Slyudyanka - Ulan Ude, Circum Baikal Port Baikal - Polovinnaya - Slyudyanka in suburban wagon

Trip by post boat from Krasnoyarsk to Eniseisk
Boat tour on Lake Baikal
Exclusive ride on the locomotive
All overnight stays in good middle class hotels, rooms with shower or bath / WC, Holiday Village Baikal Beach: toilet partly separately on the floor. (cottages with bath, shower, toilet available).

Meals: half board

All transfers
All city tours and excursions as described, according to the program including entrance fees

English-speaking guide from Yekaterinburg airport to Moscow, partly additionally local guide
(not during flight Ulan Ude - Moscow)
Services not included
Meals and beverages at meals, except mentioned, tips, expenses of personal needs, personal travel insurance, visa fees

Example wagon restaurant in the train

Prices in Euro / person
3-bed room    2.690. -
Double room 2.990. -
single room   3.190. -

extra costs:
train rides 1st class / 2 person compartment  580.-
train rides 2nd class / 4 person compartment 390.- (with 2 person occupancy)
train rides 1st class / 2 bed compartment for 1 person 890.-

Example train compartment first class

Example train compartment second class

1st class travelling: Single booking (single room) means booking one bed in first class train compartment. If there is not another single traveler in the group, who also has the same sex (in Russia there are many train compartments, which can be booked for men or women only), then it means that in a first class compartment will travel also another passenger. On request, we can book 1st class train compartments for one person occupancy.

Entry Requirements / participation in travel
For this trip, a passport is required, valid 6 months longer than the end of the trip.
For the Russian visa a free double page in the passport is needed. Please note: to apply Russian visa a travel insurance is needed. All information and documents for visa applications you receive from us, including invitation (visa support). Health notes: There are no vaccinations or prophylactic measures for this journey necessary.

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