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Arctic Wind Summer Travel – from Karelia to the Kara Sea
Karelia-Russian Lapland-White Sea-Pomorland-Yamal Nenets-Kara Sea (Antipayuta)
19 days from € 3.690.-                                                                                 Tour NR-20
St. Petersburg – Petrozavodsk – Island Kizhi – Murman Railway Karelia – Olenegorsk – Lovozero Lake/Kola Peninsula – Murmansk – White Sea – Arkhangelsk – Kargopol (Pomor Land) – Vorkuta – Arctic Circle Railway – Labytnangi – Salekhard – Kara Sea – Antipayuta

travel highlights
Murman Railway & discover Russia's North
Island Kizhi – World Heritage Sites in Lake Onega
Russian Lapland & traditional village of the indigenous Sami people
Your island in the Lovozero Lake & boat tour
Murmansk & nuclear icebreaker Lenin
Arkhangelsk & history of the Russian North
Lyadiny & wooden architecture of the XVIII. Century
Lyadiny & Your Russia-House - discover the north first-hand
Kargopol & aristocratic estate Fomin with woodcarving
Vorkuta & island in the Gulag Archipelago
Transcontinental Arctic Circle Railroad & border Europe-Asia in the northern Urals
Cossack fortress Salekhard & panorama restaurant
700 km cruise to the north - Kara Sea
Antipayuta & the secret north of the Arctic Circle & visiting families in a chum
All overnight stays in very good middle class hotels and cottage
Meals: half board, partially full board
English-speaking tour guide

B = breakfast, L = lunch, D = dinner, P= picnic, AC = accommodation

Day 01: Saint Petersburg (D)
Flight with Lufthansa, Austrian or another airline from many European airports to Saint Petersburg and meeting by an English-speaking guide at the airport, transfer to the railway station. Your NordRail train journey starts in the evening, train travel in 2nd class 4 bed sleeping compartment (1st class 2 bed sleeping compartment or 2nd class compartments for 2 persons are bookable, extra charge) AC train.
Note: Get pre-trip St Petersburg on request.

Day 2 Island Kizhi (B,D)

In Petrozavodsk walk to the harbor and hydrofoil ride over the Lake Onega to the Kizhi Island. The arrival in Kizhi is at 10:45 am, the return starts at 16:45 pm, enough time for a leisurely walk, you will see a unique collection of Russian wooden architecture.

The Architectural Ensemble of the Kizhi Pogost is a UNESCO World Heritage-listed site. The Kizhi island cultural historical and natural complex is included into the State Code of Cultural Heritage Sites of Special Value of the Russian Federation: The Church of the Transfiguration of Our Saviour, The Church of the Intercession and The Bell-Tower of the Kizhi Pogost.
Dinner in Petrozavodsk, in the late evening train journey on the legendary Murman railway to the city Olenegorsk northern the Arctic Circle. AC train.

Day 3 Karelia by the Murman Railway (B,D)
Today you travel with the Murman Railway through Karelia, past countless lakes and forests and you will cross the Arctic Circle. The Murman Railroad is one of the oldest railway lines in Russia. Arrival Olenegorsk at late afternoon.

From the railway station transfers by car and boat to your comfortable accommodation on an island in Lake Lovozero.

Cottage Rus-Laplandia: Comfortable accommodation on an island in Lake Lovozero with Stolovaja-Café, your rooms are equipped with bath, shower, toilet. AC cottage

Day 4 Discover Lake Lovozero by boat & jeep (B,P,D)
Trip by boat over the Lovozero Lake and jeep tour through the tundra to the holy lake of the Saami - Seydozero and stop, if we can watch reindeer. AC cottage

Day 5 Sami settlement Lovozero & Murmansk (B,L,D)
By boat and car we travel to Murmansk with stop in the village Lovozero with lunch. Lovozero is a traditional Russian Sami village, in the village there is a museum, dedicated the Sami culture, which you will visit. Then enjoy a Sami meal of fish and meat around a fire in a traditional house.

Continue tour to your hotel in Murmansk. AC hotel

Day 6 Murmansk & nuclear icebreaker Lenin (B,L)
City tour of the capital of the Russian North. Murmansk is a port city and provides the base for 15 fleets. Visit to the Maritime Museum with photographs and models of the northern Russian Navy and visit the first nuclear icebreaker in the world.

In the evening 2 hour flight over the White Sea with Nordavia to Arkhangelsk and transfer to your hotel. AC hotel

Day 7 Arkhangelsk & Malye Karely (B,L)
City tour Arkhangelsk with museum about archaelogy of the northern people, ethnography, history and culture of the Arkhangelsk region from ancient time to nowadays.

In the evening train travel to Nyandoma by train, arriving in the early morning of the next day. AC train

Day 8 Nyandoma & Kargopol (B,D)
Nyandoma you have reached in the morning, breakfast was served in the train compartment.
Transfer to Kargopol. (80 km) and city tour Kargopol including visit the bell tower. Visit the Cultural Center Bereginya, a centre of folk trades. Later you drive to village Lyadiny (37 km) and you move into your cozy house. Ljudmilla shows you everything, whre you take your firewood and find goods and drinks.

The village Ljadiny in northern Russia has a public phone, post, medicine point, two museums and shops. Here you have the unique opportunity to participate in the Russian country life: milk, sour cream, cottage cheese, potatoes and vegetables can also be bought directly by the locals.
The appearance of the village is determined by the fascinating beauty of the ensemble of wooden architecture of the XVIII. Century.

Your accommodation is a wooden house in the village center with bedroom apartment. The house is warm, clean and comfortable. The kitchen in the house has a stove, fridge, toilet in the house, in the yard there is a Russian bath. AC house Lyadiny

Day 9 Kargopol (D)
The breakfast you prepared by yourself, there are plenty of food in the kitchen. At noon, you will be picked up and you drive over the country through the old villages Fominskaya ans Oschevensk to Kargopol with a stop and visit in the settlement Archangelo with open-air museum of architecture of the 18th Century.

Dinner in Kargopol and finally visit of the former aristocratic estate Fomin with woodcarving. Transfer to the railway station Nyandoma early evening and train travel to Vorkuta. AC train

Day 10 Direction North (B,D)
And it goes on your journey north, always north, in the summertime the sun will no longer go down. At each station the travelers speak about some news and quickly some business will be done or food for the journey shopped. AC train

Day 11 Vorkuta (B,D)
Vorkuta you reach in the morning, transfer to your hotel. Vorkuta was founded 1931 and is located a little bit north of the Arctic Circle, Vorkuta belongs to the autonomous republic of Komi.
No city in Europe is so fraught with such a gloomy past as Vorkuta. During your city tour you visit to the forced labor cemetery and you visit and speak with people, who do not make a secret about this island in the Gulag Archipelago. AC hotel.

Day 12 Polar Circle & The Urals (B,D)
Train travel to Labytnangi. In the morning you will reach the railway station Chum, here starts the Transcontinental Arctic Circle Railroad. At noon you will cross the border Europe-Asia, the mountains are up to 2000 meters high, you reach Labytnangi on the river Ob in the evening.

In the early 19th Century had been developed at this site of today's city nomadic camps of the Khants . "Lapyt Nangk" means "seven larches" and so also is the name of your hotel, located in the city center. AC hotel.

Day 13 Salekhard – fortress & panorama restaurant (B,L)
Salekhard with 42,500 inhabitants is located on the banks of the river Ob. Constructed in 1595 as a Cossack fortress, the city bore the name Obdorsk - place on the Ob - until 1933. Salekhard means from the Nenets language "settlement at the Cape."
Today you walk through the restored Cossack fortress and see the Arctic Circle monument and the monument project 501, which commemorates the Stalin track. Lunch in a restaurant with a panoramic view of Salekhard. In the evening transfer to the port.

Your Kara Sea - Cruise starts tonight at 20:00 pm with MS Kalashnikov in the 1st class cabin for 2 persons, single travelers get a single cabin. 700 km sea voyage towards the Kara Sea. The ship description you find at the end of the itinerary. AC ship

Day 14 On board - Novy Port (B, D)
Full day spent on board, in the evening you have a good 2 hour stay in Novy Port, one of the biggest harbors, 270 kms northeast from Salekhard, a shore leave is not possible. AC ship

Day 15 Antipayuta – the secret north of the Arctic Circle (B,L,D)
Antipayuta is located 400 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle at 69 degrees north latitude and 77 degrees east (69083 N. ° 76,850 ° E). You have reached the northernmost point of your journey at 13:00 pm.

The settlement Antipajuta today counts 2,700 inhabitants, together with the surrounding small nomadic settlements, on the right bank of the river Payuta. The people are nomadic and live by reindeer, fur farming, fishing and hunting.
About 9 hours you have time today, to discover the settlement with us, or even partially self.
On today's program also includes a visit to families in a chum with a shared meal, you taste meat of reindeer and learn a lot about the hard life in the north of Russia, here, where the 9 month long winter is cold even up to minus 50 degrees. You will be surprised about the happy people who enjoy the few summer days and be glad about every visit.
After the evening walk, we move into our cabins, the return trip begins at midnight. AC ship

Day 16 On board (B,D)
Today we spend the day on board, even on the way back stop in Novy Port without going ashore. AC ship

Day 17 Salekhard – Labytnangi (B,D)
Salekhard we reach at 15:00 pm, transfer to Labytnangi with a short ferry ride across the river Ob, and you get your room at the hotel, evening walk, AC hotel.

Day 18 reserve day (B, D)
Weather-related delays in flights or ship travel in the far north can occur, for this reason is a reserve day planned. This reserve day can be used at any time by the tour operator during this trip. It is a day at leisure, your guide will provide you with suggestions for excursions. AC hotel

Day 19 return travel (B)
Transfer to the airport and fly back from Salekhard via Moscow.

Minimum number of participants:   no
Mmaximum number of participants: 8

travel dates
04.07.17 – 22.07.17 
09.07.17 – 27.07.17 
19.07.17 – 06.08.17 
08.08.17 – 26.08.17 
23.08.17 – 10.09.17

tour price includes: 

Flights with Lufthansa, Aeroflot, Yamal or another airline from many European airports to Saint Petersburg and back from Salekhard via Moscow in economy class, flight Murmansk-Arkhangelsk with Nordavia in the economy class
All airport taxes

Train travel in 2nd class 4 bed sleeping compartment (1st class 2 bed sleeping compartment or 2nd class compartments for 2 persons are bookable)
Railway routes: Saint Petersburg – Petrozavodsk – Olenegorsk, Arkhangelsk – Nyandoma – Vorkutsk – Labytnangi
Kara Sea Cruise – Salekhard – Antipayuta – Salechard class cabin
Trip to Lake Lovozero & Island Kizhi

All overnight stays in good middle class hotels or comfortable cottage, rooms with shower or bath / toilet.
Meals: half board, partly full board

All transfers
All city tours and excursions as described, according to the program including entrance fees

English-speaking guide from Saint Petersburg / to Salekhard airport, partly additionally local guide
Visa support / invitation for applying Russian visa
Nord-Rail Pack
Medical point - doctor on the train and ship

Services not included
Meals and beverages at meals, except mentioned, tips, expenses of personal needs, personal travel insurance, visa fees

Prices in Euro / person
3-bed room    3 690. -
Double room 3.990. -
Single room   4.990. -

extra costs:
train rides 1st class / 2 person compartment  480.-
train rides 2nd class / 4 person compartment 350.- (with 2 person occupancy)

Customers booking single room, travel during the sea cruise in the 1st class cabin for single occupancy. Customers booking 3 bed room, travel during the sea cruise in 2nd class 4-berth cabin with 3 person occupancy.

Example compartment 1st class train

Example compartment 2nd class train

Example wagon restaurant train

Example wagon toilet

Example cabin 1st class ship

Example restaurant ship

Ship description “MS Kalaschnikov”

This well-maintained ship with modern technical equipment was built in the 50s and has 3 decks, on the two passenger decks there are 1st class 2 bed, 2nd class 4 bed and cabins for 8 passengers. The ship has a restaurant, kiosk, reading video lounge and sun deck. The 1st class outside cabins are equipped with a wash basin, wardrobe, 2 beds and a large window that can be opened. The toilets and showers are outside the cabin on the first class cabin aisle.

1st class travelling: Single booking (single room) means booking one bed in first class train compartment. If there is not another single traveler in the group, who also has the same sex (in Russia there are many train compartments, which can be booked for men or women only), then it means that in a first class compartment will travel also another passenger. On request, we can book 1st class train compartments for one person occupancy.

Customers booking single room, travel during the sea cruise in the 1st class cabin for single occupancy. Customers booking 3 bed room, travel during the sea cruise in 2nd class 4-berth cabin with 3 person occupancy.

Entry Requirements / participation in travel
For this trip, a passport is required, valid 6 months longer than the end of the trip.
For the Russian visa a free double page in the passport is needed. Please note: to apply Russian visa a travel insurance is needed. All information and documents for visa applications you receive from us, including invitation (visa support). 
Health notes: There are no vaccinations or prophylactic measures for this journey necessary.

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