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Nord Rail Siberia Yenisei - North-Baikal - Yakutsk - Oimjakon - Magadan

Yenisei – Northern Baikal – Yakutia – Magadan
15 days starting from € 3.490.-                                                                                                   Tour NR-35
                                                                                                                                                          Moscow – Krasnoyarsk & Yenisei – Baikal-Amur Mainline – Severobaikalsk & Hot Springs at Lake Baikal – Amur-Yakutia Mainline – Neryungri – Tommot – Yakutsk – Oymyakon & the World Pole of Cold – Tomtor – Kolyma Highway– Magadan & Pacific Beach – Moscow

- in the north-east of Siberia - has only one million inhabitants but is ten times the size of Germany. Yakutia is located in the center of the enormous Siberian permafrost area and is considered the coldest region in the Northern hemisphere. The extreme continental climate conditions here with low levels of precipitation and extremely low winter temperatures (down to -68°C) prevent glaciers from forming while favoring the formation of permafrost. Its thickness reaches up to 1,500 m. More than 13 million mammoths are thought to be encased in Siberia's permafrost.
The Amur-Yakutia Mainline crosses the Baikal – Amur Mainline, traverses the Gilyuy River twice and reaches a pass altitude in the Stanovoy Mountains and Aldan Highlands of 1,200 m above sea level. In 3-4 years this railroad is scheduled to connect the capital city of the Sakha Republic, Yakutsk, with the Russian railroad network. Currently, passenger travel ends in Tommot, 450 km outside of Yakutsk.
The Kolyma Highway is also referred to as the "Road of Bones". It is the only highway linking Yakutsk with the rest of the world and runs from Yakutsk through the Verkhoyansk Mountains to Magadan on the Pacific Coast. The Kolyma Highway is 2,000 kilometers of wilderness, deserted villages and fascinating landscapes. Long stretches of this road can only be driven with all-terrain vehicles in spring and in fall. The best time to drive on this highway is in winter.

Travel Itinerary
ON=Overnight Stay, B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner, P=Picnic

Day 01 Welcome to Siberia
Scheduled flight with Lufthansa, Aeroflot or another airline departing from many European airports to Krasnoyarsk via Moscow, arrive the next morning, local time.

Day 02 Krasnoyarsk (B,D)
Welcome by your English-speaking tour guide at the airport, who will accompany you until your return trip. Transfer to the train station and luggage check-in. During the city tour, you will visit one of the symbols of the city, the little chapel which can be seen on the mountain from many locations in the center. The chapel, built in 1845, is an excellent vantage point and offers a fantastic view of the city and the Yenisei Valley. Other stops on your tour include the Opera House, the Cultural History Museum, and the Krasnoyarsk Philharmonic. In winter, the "winter lightning" lends Krasnoyarsk a very special charm.

Transfer to the train station in the afternoon and 2nd class train journey in a 4 bed sleeper compartment to Severobaikalsk on Lake Baikal. (2nd class, 4 bed sleeper compartment with double occupancy can be booked for a surcharge). ON on train

Day 03 Baikal – Amur Mainline (B,D)
The BAM was the major railroad project of the outgoing Soviet era. The route runs some 100 km north of the classic Trans-Siberian Railway through almost untouched areas. It is over 1,100 km from Tayshet all the way to Severobaikalsk. Arrival at Lake Baikal in the morning of the following day. ON on train

Day 04 Severobaikalsk on the northern part of Lake Baikal & bathing in hot springs (B,D)
You will arrive at the northern part of Lake Baikal before noon.The gigantic BAM (Baikal-Amur Mainline) project required workers and a town for the workers. These days, Severobaikalsk is an insider tip for those nostalgic for the Soviet era and lovers of untouched nature.Sightseeing tour of Severobaikalsk with an excursion toGoudzhegit where you can bathe in the hot springs in a natural pool at water temperatures of 40 to 50 degrees.ON in hotel

Day 05 Eastbound on the BAM (B,D)
At noon, the journey continues on the BAM towards Tynda, starting through the 15.34 km long Severomuysky Tunnel - the longest railroad tunnel in Russia. ON on train

Day 06 Tynda – Yakutia (B,D)
Arrival in Tynda at noon. The settlement boasts a small BAM museum which only opens when visitors come, so today it will also open for you.

In the evening, you'll continue our journey towards Yakutia. The Amur-Yakutia Mainline starts after just 27 km. You'll reach Neryungri just before midnight. ON in hotel

Day 07 Amur-Yakutia Mainline (B,D)
Your journey begins early in the morning on one of the world's most exciting stretches of railroad: on the Amur-Yakutia Mainline, you will travel 767 km through the Aldan Highlands to Tommot, located on the west bank of the Aldan River. This is where the route ends for passenger travel. We will have reached Tommot in the afternoon and there are still 450 km left until Yakutsk, which is too far for us to continue traveling today. Dinner at the homes of Yakutian families and ON in hotel.

Day 08 Tommot – Yakutsk – capital of the Sakha Republic (P,D)
Today, a 450 km bus ride on the road to Yakutsk lies before you, with several stops along the way for you to stretch your legs. Arrival in Yakutsk in the afternoon. ON in hotel

Day 09 Yakutsk (B,D)
Yakutsk: winter here lasts from October to May with temperatures sinking as low as minus 55 degrees. In the summer, temperatures of +30 are measured on some days.Yakutskis located in the permafrost belt, on permanently frozen ground which only thaws one to two meters deep in the summer.This morning you'll be visiting the "Sardaana" handicrafts factory where the traditional "Untii" warm winter boots are made from reindeer fur. City tour including the mammoth museum in the afternoon. ON in hotel

Day 10 Polarair to Ust-Nera (B,L,D)
This morning you'll fly on Polar Air to Ust-Nera located 1,000 km away. From here we have just a few kilometers left to the world Pole of Cold.

Arrival in Ust-Nera before noon, transfer to Tomtor where you'll visit the Ice Sculpture Museum where you'll find a temperature of -8 degrees all year round. Your host family in Oymyakon will greet you with a traditional Yakutian tea ceremony. Stroll through the 500-inhabitant settlement of Oymyakon with a stop at the weather station. ON with host family

Day 11 Oymyakon – the world Pole of Cold (B,L,D)
The monument at the outskirts of Oymyakon is well-known. It points out the extrapolated temperature of -71.2 degrees from 1926 which was measured here.

Excursion to visit reindeer breeders. Here we'll also take a sleigh tour. In the evening, a festive celebration will be held with a certificate attesting to the fact that you were at the world Pole of Cold. ON with host family

Day 12 Kolyma Highway – Oymyakon – Susuman (B,P,D)
The Kolyma Highway is also popularly called the "Road of Bones" since its construction claimed the lives of countless people. The steep, winding route runs through narrow ravines, past jagged cliff faces, endless snowy expanses, frozen lakes and rivers.

Today, we'll be driven by very experienced, local drivers with all-terrain vehicles just under 500 km to Susuman. Photo stops and picnic along the way. ON in hotel

Day 13 Kolyma Highway – Susuman - Magadan (B,P,D)

The next day at noon, we'll reach the ghost town of Kadykchan, also called the "City of Broken Dreams".Over 7,000 people used to live in Kadykchan. There were two coal mines not far from the city. These were closed and all the inhabitants received 80 to 120 thousand Rubles to purchase another apartment somewhere else, the power supply was cut, the heating plant was dismantled and the private homes were burned so that the owners would not return.

We reach the Pacific Coast in the evening: Magadan. ON in hotel

Day 14 Magadan & Pacific Beach (B,D)
Sightseeing tour of Magadan with a visit to theRegional Museum, theMonument to Prisoners of the Gulag and Novaya Vesolaya Beach. ON in hotel

Day 15 Return trip (B)
Transfer to Magadan Airport and return flight via Moscow.
Minimum number of participants: 2
Maximum number of participants: 8

travel dates: 

02.03.17 – 16.03.17; 16.03.17 – 30.03.17; 06.04.17 – 20.04.17; 20.04.17 – 04.05.17

06.07.17 – 20.07.17; 20.07.17 – 03.08.17; 28.09.17 – 12.10.17; 14.12.17 – 28.12.17 

Included in Trip Price
Scheduled flight with Lufthansa, Aeroflot or another airline from many European airports to Krasnoyarsk via Moscow and back from Magadan via Moscow in economy class
Flight with Polar Air Yakutsk-Ust-Nera in economy class
Train trip Krasnoyarsk-Severobaikalsk-Tynda-Neryungri-Tommot in 2nd class, 4 bed sleeper compartment (2nd class with double occupancy can be booked for a surcharge).
Bus trip Tommot - Yakutsk
Guided tour with an all-terrain vehicle Oymyakon - Magadan
Overnight stays in good middle-class hotels or with host families, room with shower and toilet (host family: shower, toilet inside house)
Board: as described
All transfers, programs & excursions as described including admission
English-speaking tour guide from Krasnoyarsk/to Moscow (not during the flight from Magadan to Moscow)
Visa support (invitation) for visa application

Services not included
Meals and drinks at mealtimes unless indicated, tips, personal spending, travel insurance, visa fees and other services not listed

Prices in EUR / person
3-bed room 3.490.-
Double room 3.990.-
Single room 4.490.-
Supplement for rail travel in 2nd class compartment with 2 person occupancy 350.-
Visa service including visa application & consulate fee: 89.-

Example of train compartment 2nd class 4 bed sleeper

Example of toilet carriage

Conditions of Entry/Participation
For this tour, you must have a passport which is valid for at least 6 months beyond the tour end date. A free double page is required for your Russian visa. Please note that you must have valid international health insurance in order to apply for a Russian visa. We will of course send you all the information and documentation necessary for the visa application, including the visa support invitation.
Health issues: No vaccinations or precautionary health measures are required for this tour.

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