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General terms (Terms and Conditions)                                                                                   AGBs deutsch

Client presents in writing (reservation form) with his reservation an offer in which he is bound at first unilaterally, maximum 3 days up to the written confirmation by “Nord Rail”. (below NOR called). For both sides the contract by the written confirmation by BAR becomes effective. The inquiry about the contact form with regard to room availability is non-binding for both sides and serves excluding the information.

Registration trip booking online
By sending the on-line reservation of a trip it automatically comes to a travel contract, presumed of available places.

Services and prices
Information about services and prices corresponds to the state of the delivered confirmation. Additional agreements need the written form by NOR.
NOR expressly reserves itself the change of prices and services, if the trip is carried out later than 6 weeks after registration with non-businessmen four months after registration.
NOR is entitled moreover if unpredictable events (e.g., price increases of the hotels, exchange rate changes etc.) influence the prize calculation. Price increases entitle the client anyway has right for a free cancellation.

Payment terms
On receipt of the confirmation a deposit becomes due at the rate of 25% of the calculation price. The balance must have come at the latest 6 weeks before travel beginning with NOR. The payment of the travel price is possible by paypal or bank wire to an account in Russia or IBAN account in Germany. The bank data are informed in the confirmation. With a more short-term registration the total becomes due immediately. NOR resigns for the case of the entire payment of the travel price to the customer beforehand all claims against achievement bearers on realisation to travel services of the booked trip to the security.
Default entitles NOR to the resignation and calculation of compensation. As a rule the documents dispatch (Voucher) only after entrance of the entire invoice amount with NOR.

NOR undertakes about service changes to inform immediately, provided that knowledge NOR had of it and the divergence of the agreed travel contract is not slight. Divergences of the travel contract are permitted when they become necessary, do not lead to a lack, are not to blame by NOR, are not considerable and if they do not affect the whole cutting of the booking.

Cancelation booking is possible any time, the client is obliged to pay basically inclusively the following compensation:
If the cancelation occurs till 6 weeks before the travel beginning 25% of the whole trip price, at least however, 50.00 euros per person.
If the cancelation occurs till 3 weeks before the travel beginning, 50% of the travel price at least 70 euros per person, till 2 weeks before travel beginning 75% of the travel price at least 90 euros per person, till one week before the travel beginning, 90% of the travel price, at least 90 euros per person.
With later cancelation or non-journey 100% of the travel price.
The access of the cancelation explanation with NOR is decisive. The written resignation is recommended to the client.
Nevertheless, in any case, become, deviating from the precalled all-inclusive compensations, the cancelation fees calculated by the hotel, plus of a net handling charge at the rate of 10% of the fees calculated by the hotel due.
NOR tries to hold the cancelation fees so slightly as possible and takes care of restitution of the saved expenditures with his contracting partners.

Change by request of the traveller
If the traveller requires a change or transfer posting, NOR can require a handling charge at the rate of 10.00 euros per person. If additional costs of third originate, these are also charged.

Co-operation duty of the traveller
The traveller is obliged to take the steps reasonable to him to hold possible damages low.
Stopping of the trip
If the trip is broken off as a result of a fact which lies in the sphere of the traveller (e.g., illness) so NOR is obliged not to reach the allowance of saved expenditures as well as achieved proceeds from the utilisation of taken up achievements with the achievement bearers. This is not valid if absolutely unimportant achievements are concerned or if legal or official regulations stand in the way of an allowance.

Passport, visas and health-police formalities
NOR is not responsible for the passport, visas and health-police formalities. Forming as a result of missing personal conditions for the trip the difficulties which are due alone to the behaviour of the traveller, the traveller cannot withdraw free of charge. In this respect the terms of business are valid for resignation accordingly.

Legal venue
The principal can sue NOR only in his seat. For the rest, the legal venue is valid with disputes from the contractual relationship Moscow as agreed.

Ineffectiveness of single regulations
The ineffectiveness of single regulations does not found the ineffectiveness of the contract, for the rest, or the whole terms of business.

Nord Rail
October, 2011