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Audi Trans Baikal Tour summer & winter
Guided rental car tour - 1100 km Siberia adventure!                                    
Tour AD-20

10 days from € 1.890.- from/to Irkutsk
(one distance Severobaikalsk–Irkutsk or Irkutsk–Severobaikalsk you travel by train)

Irkutsk – Khuzhir (Olkhon) – Bayandai – Kachug – Zhigalovo – Ulkan – Severobaikalsk – Irkutsk

The "Audi Trans-Baikal Tour" takes place in summer and winter, in winter (February) you drive by car over the frozen Lake Baikal!

Itinerary from/to Irkutsk
B = breakfast, L = lunch, D = dinner, P= picnic, AC = accommodation

Day 01 Irkutsk (D)
Arrival in Irkutsk, we send you on request offers for arrival and departure and meet you at the airport or railway station. Transfer to your hotel, rooms with shower, toilet, Sat-TV, Safe. Dinner in a „stolovaya“ Bistro-Cafe. We speak about our tour. AC hotel.

Day 02 Irkutsk – Olkhon 287km (B,D)
road: asphalt
After breakfast acquisition of the car and instruction. Depending on trip booking (single, double or 3-bed room) 1-3 persons also use the car. All persons can be registered as a driver, so driver can change at any time.
During this guided tour you have the opportunity to follow your guide in the car, or to meet at fixed meeting places. Of course, you can also drive completely alone every day.
Today's route leads you to Khuzhir / Olkhon, the road is in good condition. The trip takes 6-7 hours including ferry. In Khuzhir overnight in holiday hotel Lada.

The management of the holiday hotel is working closely with the National Park Pribaikalskiy, so our tour the next day has been organized together with the staff of the national park. Room with wash basin, shower and toilet on the floor. (Rooms with toilet available, extra cost) AC hotel.

Day 03 Olkhon – Cape Khoboi 113km (B,P,D)
road metal
Day tour to the north of Olkhon: Sand covered Peschanoe Tract, you will see a beautiful beach, tall trees, and remains of the buildings and barracks of the fish-receiving station where prisoners have worked up to the middle of the 60s. Cape Khoboy which is the northernmost point of the island and a sacral place for shamans, from here you get the best view of the Baikal Range and the far bank of Lake Baikal, including Svyatoy nos Peninsula.

You drive through the territory of Uzuri , a wide and long valley in the northeastern part of Olkhon Island, a pebble beach, a small lake with birds; a possibility of meeting the Baikal seal. Picnic. AC hotel.

Day 04 Olkhon & Shamanka Rock – Bayandai 163km (B,D)
road: asphalt
After breakfast walking tour to the island’s trademark - Cape Burkhan and Shamanka Rock. Cape Burkhan is a sacral place for Buryat people. This is also the island’s trademark.
Then we drive to Bayandai, including ferry the travel time is about 5 hours. AC simple hotel, rooms with shower, toilet.

Day 05 Bayandai – Kachug 124km – Zhigalovo 137km (B,D)
road metal & asphalt
The longest part of today's route is in many curves along the river Manzurka, a tributary of the Lena. In Kachug lunch at a cafe and refuel.
A good gravel road leads us through the valley of the Lena River, not far from the Kachug rock paintings. Rest in a pine forest overlooking the Lena. Overnight in Zhigalovo with host families very close to the village church, rooms in the house, toilet partially outside the house. AC homestay

Day 06 Zhigalovo – Ulkan 304 km (F,A)
road metal & asphalt
Zhigalovo is a very quiet and cozy village, early in the morning we start our tour. Ahead of us we have the most difficult part of our tour, destination settlement Ulkan, so we drive in a convoy: 300 km Taiga, no mobile network, almost no villages or houses, the roads are in worst condition, many times we have to drive through rivers with the vehicle. There are no bridges, just a lot of holes, puddles and mud, the average speed is, in part, 30 km / h. Picnic on the way, arriving Ulkan in the late afternoon. The settlement Ulkan with 5000 inhabitants is located at the edge of the Lena-Angara Plateau, between river Lena and Lake Baikal, close to the railway line Baikal-Amur. AC in a hotel, rooms, with bath, shower, toilet.

Day 07 Ulkan – Goudzhegit – Severobaikalsk 116 km (B,D)
road metal & asphalt 8 km before Severobaikalsk
Before we reach Severobaikalsk today we stop in Goudzhegit. You can take a bath in the hot springs in a natural pool with water temperatures of 40 - 50 degrees, a café-restaurant is also available. In the afternoon you reach Severobaikalsk at the nothern Lake Baikal, after 1120 km drive. AC in a very cozy hotel on Lake Baikal, rooms with bath, shower, toilet.

Day 08-10 Return trip to Irkutsk (B)
Car return in Severobaikalsk. Your return trip to Irkutsk starts at day 08 in the evening by train in 2nd class 4 bed sleeping compartment, arriving Irkutsk on day 10 in the early morning. AC train.
Note: After heavy rains, the track Zhigalovo - Ulkan is impassable, in this case, your tour guide decides, where and how long to wait, and you maybe reach Severobaikalsk 1 day later (day 08).

We are glad to offer you on request: individual further train trips, return trip by hydrofoil on Lake Baikal in the summer ( late June to mid-August) or return trip to Irkutsk by car.

minimum number of participants: 4

travel dates (*=tour in the reverse direction)
01.02.17 - 10.02.17 
06.02.17 - 15.02.17*
24.05.17 - 02.06.17 
31.05.17 - 09.06.17* 
21.06.17 - 30.06.17 
26.06.17 - 05.07.17* 
13.09.17 - 22.09.17 
18.09.17 - 27.09.17* 

The tour price includes: 

Train travel in 2nd class 4 bed sleeping compartment ( 2nd class compartments for 2 persons are bookable)
Railway route: Irkutsk – Severobaikalsk or Severobaikalsk - Irkutsk
Guided car rental tour, a German speaking tour guide will lead this tour with own car from Irkutsk to Severobaikalsk
Rental Car Audi or similar car  including all insurance, gasoline, letter of protection against glass and tires, no excess of the driver in case of accident. Bigger groups: comparable cars are possible
All overnight stays in good middle class hotels or guest families as described.
Meals: half board, partly full board (picnic)

Prices in EUR / person
Singleroom   2.290.-
Doubleroom 1.990.-
3 bed room   1.890.-

Book single room = single car use
Book double room = 2 persons per car
Book 3 bed room = 3 persons per car

Requirements for participation in the trip as a driver:
Minimum age: 25 years
valid drivers license since: 3 years
driving practice
all participants can be registered as a driver.

Services not included
Meals and beverages at meals, except mentioned, tips, expenses of personal needs, personal travel insurance, visa fees

general terms